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Guide to doing a bond clean

 If you are renting a property and one day decide that it’s time to move, it’s normal that you will be required to leave the property in the same condition as the day you moved in. This is usually an obligation of any rental agreement in order to receive your rental bond back in full.

What is a bond clean?

End of lease cleaning (also known as bond cleaning) services are far more thorough than your regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly clean.  A bond clean involves getting every part of the property sparkling clean. It is necessary to get in and clean every part of the property including built in appliances (such as your oven), storage areas, fittings & fixtures and many other tiny details.

It is possible (but not recommended) to successfully perform a bond clean yourself. Real estates and landlords are extremely thorough and will check everything down to the finest detail when it comes to bond cleaning.

A bond clean can be a stressful process and it is recommended to use a bond cleaner because this will save you time and money and also give you a very high chance of getting your bond back in full.

If after hearing this you are still up for the challenge, here are some helpful bits of advice.

If You Are Planning To Do Your Bond Clean Yourself

If you are still planning to try and do your bond cleaning yourself, here are some areas that you should check.

Cleaning The Kitchen

The kitchen can be the most time-consuming area of a bond clean and is generally the first place that a property manager or landlord will check over.

Professional cleaners often use highly concentrated chemicals to accelerate the cleaning process. These chemicals can be highly acidic and can be dangerous when they are not being used by experienced cleaning professionals.

Cleaning the oven is not easy and can be very time consuming, especially if you are not using the right chemicals. You must be thorough with the oven and do not neglect any part, inside or out. The real estate agent will inspect every part.

Range Hood
Check out the range hood fan/filters for a build-up of oil residue.

Kitchen Cupboards
Be sure to clean inside and out and also check for wear and tear. You may find some stains that you cannot remove yourself. As professional cleaners, we have the products and the know how to deal with all kinds of stubborn stains.

Kitchen Sink & Drain
Give the sink a good clean, being sure to use some glass/steel cleaner in order to leave the sink, drain holes, taps/faucet shiny and spotless.

If you have a dishwasher ensure that you clean the filter and also run it for a cycle with a dishwasher cleaner or descaler.

Other areas of the Kitchen
Don’t forget to clean the walls, skirting board and also go hunting for dust/cobwebs. Remember, the golden rule of a bond clean is that if you think something might need a clean, it definitely does.


Cleaning The Bathroom

Performing a bond clean on the bathroom can also take a long time when it is done properly because there are so many different aspects to think about and check.

It goes without saying but make sure the sink is shiny and spotless and don’t forget about the drain hole as well as the taps & faucet.

Bathroom Mirror
Ensure you give the bathroom mirror a good clean using a glass cleaner and a lint free cloth. If you don’t have glass cleaner a mixture of vinegar and water can act as a great glass cleaner. If possible, try to leave the mirror streak free.

Shower Screens
Check and clean off the soap scum. Sometime you may encounter soap scum that is so tough that you won’t be able to remove it. Once again this is something that a professional cleaner can recognise and remove from the glass with ease.

Shower Walls/Floor
Ensure you check & scrub the shower walls and grout for troublesome mould.

Give the toilet a thorough clean including under the seat and behind the toilet. Check the toilet brush holder for dust and grime as well.

Other areas of the bathroom
Once again check the walls and skirting boards, seek out dust/cobwebs. Be sure to vacuum the floor and ensure that there is not any stray hair left behind anywhere.


Cleaning the Bedrooms & Living Areas


If you have tiled floors you will need to thoroughly mop. If you have carpeted rooms it will usually be a requirement for you to arrange for a proper carpet clean from a licensed professional.

Cleaning marks off the walls can take time and is also a difficult task. If your walls don’t have many major marks you can probably get them clean using sugar soaps. However, if the walls have significant marking you may be in need of a professional cleaner to get them completely clean.

Cupboards/Built In Wardrobes
Be sure to clean inside the cupboards and/or built ins as well as the doors. If your built ins have sliding doors, ensure that you thoroughly clean the tracks/runners as well.

Other Areas
Again, make sure you clean the skirting boards, doors, door knobs etc. If you have ceiling fans, the top side of the fan blades can also gather up significant dust and grime so be sure to give those a wipe over.

We have now been through most major areas of the property that need to be cleaned & checked thoroughly for a bond clean. There are still other areas that would need to be cleaned such as the veranda, balcony, laundry, hallways, staircase, light fittings etc.

 Get Your Bond Clean Done By Professionals

As you can see, a bond clean is a major operation and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. It is definitely possible for you to successfully perform a bond clean on your own property, however it can save you time, money and stress if you hire a professional cleaner such as Top Notch Cleaning.

Save yourself the worry of the bond clean by leaving it to the professionals at Top Notch Cleaning. That way you can focus on other aspects of your move such as the removal and relocation of your furniture to your new property.


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Moving out of our house with two small children was stressful! Having to then clean our house was just not going to happen. Eddie and the team at Top Notch Cleaning took care of the bond clean and we didnt have to worry about a thing!

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